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The application and development of the hardware​

Post date:2016-07-27

Modern metal is iron, steel, aluminum and other metal through the physics such as forging, rolling, cutting processing and manufacturing of all kinds of metal components. Divided according to the purpose of the product, can be divided into tools hardware, building hardware, daily hardware, locks abrasive, hutch defends categories such as hardware, household hardware and metal parts. With the application of modern scientific and technological achievements in industry, hardware industry competition is becoming more and more intense. Whether want to gain a foothold in hardware industry field of which one, must fully understand the development of the market dynamics.
Hardware tools include all kinds of manual, electric, pneumatic, cutting tools, metal tools, farm tools, lifting tools, measuring tools, machine tools, cutting tools, fixture, cutting tools, molding, cutting, grinding wheel, drill, polishing machine, tool accessories, measuring tool cutting, abrasive abrasive, etc. Hand tools domestic enterprises most are low-end products or OEM OEM, high-end products and brand products is still dominated by the European and American countries. Since the profit margins of hand tools in compression, the price of space is decreasing, competing on price alone is difficult to build the core competitiveness, should explore the new development road. Only the enterprise to ensure the stability of product quality, at the same time also is to ensure the enterprise in good faith, in order to make the customer letter. While on the choice of tools, users will consider price factors, but according to the survey, the most important factor of quality is the user to consider. If a place, to expand its own brand influence, improve the quality of the products is the key. In have a good product, quality assured, under the condition of proper brand promotion is particularly important, in addition is the after-sale guarantee. Many domestic enterprises after-sales service does not reach the designated position, or basically do not have after-sales service, as one of our big weakness. Facing the increasingly fierce market competition, if domestic companies don't pay attention to, will affect their own development for a long time, do a good job of sale service is also top priority.
In global sales of electric tools, for the most part from the production and export in our country, our country has become a major world power tool suppliers. Electric tool industry in the development at the same time, some problems are also increasingly exposed. Progress is slow, especially in scientific research and development system reform and foreign gap, to earn foreign exchange through export products is low, the low level of performance, price is also low, enterprise scale is small, set degree is low, raw material rises in price factors seriously restrict the further development of the industry and the improvement of quality. Electric tool enterprise must grasp the new development situation, increase scientific and technological innovation, actively carry out product certification, accelerate the reform of enterprise technology strength, improve the supporting measures, actively create conditions to attract foreign investment, promote the enterprise asset restructuring, only in this way can an impregnable position in the new situation.