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The development direction of mechanical processing plant​

Post date:2016-07-27

China's economic transformation is focused on manufacturing, machinery processing industry transformation, and the machine tool industry as a mechanical processing factory machine tools industry, the urgency of the transformation and upgrading. China's machine tool industry for many years to ranks first in the world, for our country mechanical manufacturing, mechanical processing factory has made the prominent contribution, however, the domestic machine tool products in low - and a more, domestic machine tool manufacturing enterprise in general is big but not strong, and the enterprise features and nc system is neither big nor strong. So the domestic machine tool, CNC industry requires constant technology innovation, realize the transition in the direction of high quality.
1, "high, fine, sharp" is the focus of the transformation direction China machine tool and other machinery factory, it is predicted that by 2014, the Chinese market demand for machine tools to rise 14.2% to 389 billion yuan, China's machine tool accessories market demand growth will reach 16.1%, faster than the metal cutting machine tools and forming machine. Thus, China machine tool still has great potential exploring space. In the 12th five-year plan, the machine tool industry has been listed as one of strategic emerging industries, "high, refined, sharp" is the future development of a key, for domestic machine tool enterprise, the only way, only innovation can compete with foreign products, the competition in a way out. Policy of dongfeng promote domestic machine tool's pace, the strong momentum of growth also will strengthen China's status as the world's largest machine tool of consumer and producer.
2, domestic machine tool needs professional restructuring in recent years the country has always attached great importance to the development of machine tool industry. China's machine tool industry has decades of experience, strong despite years of development, but on technology and strategy straight walked along the path, does not change fundamentally seek development. In the face of domestic and international market demand, the domestic machine tool industry into the adjustment period, strengthen the industry in the international market competitiveness.
3, taking high precision line set up industry benchmarking takes high-end course, realize the localization. Is indisputable fact that takes high-end course, have some forward-looking companies also see a future in China, have already into the high levels of product research and development, a punch to the foreign enterprises, and set up the standard for domestic machine tool enterprises. In recent years, domestic nc machine tool products to speed up the upgrade steps, technology research and development strength increasing, innovation mount. But compared with the international market, domestic machine tool in terms of reliability and accuracy of stability also there is a big gap. With the lack of good manufacturing process and method, the lack of "exquisite", also won't be able to achieve "sustainable" precision. In recent years, many companies have stepped up efforts in technological upgrading, buy equipment, or even not hesitate heavy gold to buy imported high-end CNC machine tools. But good equipment is only a foundation, also must have a good method to process, has a "know" its technological personnel through the reasonable cutting parameters, process design to achieve the good manufacturing. Therefore, the key technology of the inheritance and innovation, to ensure that good design, can produce good results. And the lack of technology innovation, to a great extent, restricts the reliability and accuracy stable level of ascension as a whole. Koyo technology industry is an example of these companies, a few days ago the company independent research and development of a new generation of "open digital fiber optic bus high-grade CNC device" won a lot of attention, the collection of equipment more than 90 patents will not only previous nc machine "pulse signal transmission way" upgraded to "fiber optic bus transmission", also for the first time hundred localization, has been included in the national major projects of science and technology achievements. In guarantee under the condition of high-speed flow of information, the whole machine tool dynamic performance, precision and machining efficiency also has superior performance.
4, to provide customers with full service program in the face of the current is not optimistic, in the form of improving the product itself performance is above reproach, and service as a kind of intangible product, also is in the transformation and upgrading of domestic machine tool enterprises in the distance value and need to implement an important work. For domestic machine tool enterprise, the traditional service mode is 24/48 hours to the scene and solve the problem of product failure is that the active service pattern will slowly become relics in the transformation, more proactive service for our customers will be the future direction, and this is the current domestic enterprises lack. Provide for the customer the service program: a pre-sale understand customer needs, according to the requirements for the design the best solution; Sale seize the seasonal change, adjust the machine precision is set for the customer; After sales service to provide remote, etc. In addition, also can not holds regular technical training for customers, taught them to machine tool, cutting tool technology reform and so on. 5, transnational merger and acquisition mode and path of machine tool enterprises in our country has its own unique advantages, have many years of traditional machine tool production base, at the same time in a manufacturing process have a certain technology accumulation, especially mechanical parts of the casting/forging technology of precipitation, the financing channel is widespread, have a certain market share and traditional capital accumulation can early to form a large enterprise group, the absorption and digestion by means of acquisition, holding relatively advanced foreign technology. Lo fai think, the world's machine tool industry has a high degree of internationalization features, performance in the international market, the internationalization of technology, the internationalization of investment, etc., Chinese enterprises need to seize the good opportunity of development, strengthen independent innovation, improve the level of technology and industrialization scale, actively explore new markets, to cope with the future market competition.